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A large part of this site is dedicated to Florida wildlife photographed by Dennis Jordan who is a native Floridian himself. He has won numerous awards for his nature photography and is now making his photographs available for the public to view and purchase. You will see Blue Herons, Tri-color Herons, Little Blue Herons, Green Herons, White Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Limpkins, Red Shoulder Hawks, Scrub Jays, Wood Strokes, Painted Buntings, dragonflies, bees, Cardinals, a variety of ducks, alligators, deer & much more in the photo gallery.



Award Winning Photographs Page

Visit this page to see award-winning photographs taken by Dennis Jordan at the Grassy Waters Wildlife Preserve, GWP is located in West Palm Beach Florida and is a great place to see native Florida wildlife such as alligators, birds, fish, insects, and large varieties of native plants and trees. This preserve also has a wonderful pavilion with lots educational materials & photographs, there is also a boardwalk that takes you into a scenic wilderness area, guided tours and canoe trips are also available when conditions allow.


This photograph was taken at the Grassy Water Wildlife Preserve in West Palm Beach Florida and won Grand Prize in their 2006 photo contest